Find Balance in Mind, Body & Spirit.

I am looking to connect with all like minded people who are ready to receive the shift and healing from whatever is blocking their mental, physical and emotional peace. As I have been meditating about this event, I came across what more is to be there. There is going to be breaking of karmic patterns, breaking of limiting self, expansion of boundaries, sense of free and limitless self as a result. I am waiting to see the energies unfold with this intention. Let us see and envision bigger and more. I can't wait to be at the event, and I hope if you are hearing your inner calling to be here, so be it.

This special programme is for everyone to tap into their magnificent selves, to heal and renew. Get ready for an exciting day. You can expect to receive and learn the following from this Programme:

* Find balance in your Mind, Body & Spirit.

* Robin's biggest secret to weight-loss & well-being, and success in all personal & work transformations is - Meditation! Get introduced to the Indian ancient Vedic form of meditation that she has been doing daily for many years.

* Robin will share her secrets to losing 3 stones in 10 months and find your inner radiance and look youthful and perhaps years younger! Get some tips and tricks to fitness! 

* Robin will share her secret to physical healing. She will talk about healing her knee injury that had impaired her mobility for a year in 2003. The healing and inner work took her to continue to grow her Energy work by sharing it professionally after that. And she left her corporate world to pursue this field instead. Receive energy healing for inner blocks to your physical health, in a powerful energetic clearance in the Programme. A programme on health with Robin means you are to be prepared for an immense energy healing of your body and mind!

* Create the right mindset about how you want to feel healthy and fit in body and not just dream! Anchor this vision energetically in this programme with Robin.

* Find how to bring balance to emotional health and release energetic, emotional baggage that you may have been carrying in physical body as well.

* Find the confidence within in carrying yourself as the true God or Goddess that you are! Achieve a happy, healthy and confident living. 

* Learn to balance your energy field to ensure that you are elevated to high frequencies on a daily basis.

* Positive vibrational thoughts create highest outcomes. Therefore, a healthy mind is the first step to achieving it all.

* Learn to listen within to what diets suit you. And find out what Ayurvedic body type you are to understand your body better.

* Get rid of fear of others judging you. And get to be yourself, as you would dream to be now! Dress your best and flaunt it! Are you ready?

* Receive Energy Healing and Soul Clearing ( Robin's technique from her Book 'Break The Pattern..') in this Programme, to clear deep-rooted and unwanted patterns for bringing change in Health and Self-Image.

* There will be plenty of opportunities to get your questions answered from Robin during the Programme, and you may even get the chance for one-to-one Soul Clearing session. When such work is done in an environment of a large group of people, the energy is usually very powerful.

* And if that's not enough, a special guest speaker Wes Floyd will be there to make us laugh and rock the house at the end of the day with Laughter Yoga! You will find many amazing benefits of this wonderful practice from Wes. It sure is a day jam-packed with fun, healing, inner growth and immense empowerment.

Robin Bela is from India and has settled in UK since 2003. She has devoted her work to bringing change in people's lives. Robin has been an energy healer before she started her work as a Teacher, Speaker and an Author, and therefore in her programmes you get the bonus of receiving immense energy healing. She works with the energy by building focus for all participants, months before the event. You can be prepared for healing of mind, spirit and body too. Staying open and allowing what is meant for you, you would receive just that.

After the event, you are asked to be prepared for energy shifts for days to come. If you sense tiredness and feel sleepy after the event, it is the clearing process for you. There will be plenty of coaching, healing and energy shifts in the body and mind taking place during the event. 

Cost : £100 includes 3-course lunch at the Hotel Restaurant, morning and afternoon beverages and snacks, and stationary. Online Booking can be made from this page below. 

If you have special dietary requirements, please email at after making your booking. Last minute booking of special food requirements may not be possible.

This event also qualifies you to join Robin's Coaching Certification Programme in 2016.

Date:  27th February 2016, Saturday.

Time: 9:30 AM - Registration and beverages

10 AM - Programme 

12:30 PM - Lunch Break

1:30 PM - Programme

3:15 PM - Break and beverages

3:35 PM - 5:00 PM - Programme

Venue: Carlton Hotel (Perth Suite)

19 North Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1SD.

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Please bring a receipt of your booking confirmation on the day.

Contact: For any questions or to pay in another way please email at

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