Angel Or Intuitive Reading With Robin Bela

I have been working and teaching about Angels for several years now. Angel or Intuitive Reading is done through my Angel cards deck and some other guidance cards. Before your reading, I do meditate and receive answers and continue to receive during the reading session. I am an Intuitive reader who can look into your energy field and tell you where exactly you are presently in life. My best intention is to not just deliver messages, but to help you change anything you should. I am not like a usual fortune teller, as I have a keen healer and teacher within, and believe we can change our destiny and create the one of our liking. I offer not only a reading on where you are at present but offer you guidance, if needed, to change some things in life, to help you achieve a better present and future. 

You can receive the reading In-person at the Centre in Edinburgh or via Skype. The reading session is about an hour long. Do let me know if you prefer reading sent to you via email by contacting me on email after you have made the payment please.

Here are your options:

  • 30 min hour Angel/Intuitive Reading via phone or reading for one questions via email - £65
  • 1 hour Angel/Intuitive Reading In-person or via phone or full reading for all your questions via email - £100
  • There is also a special offer if you wish to take a 2 hour session with 1 full reading and a one hour energy healing session, which is priced at £100 (for details on the energy session, please click here). You can receive a £55 discount and get both for £145. If you are taking both via distance only, the two sessions can be scheduled on separate days. You may choose to receive full reading via email or skype or phone or In-person at the Centre in Edinburgh.

A recent feedback on Reading and a Energy Healing Session:

"Absolutely, amazing reading. Your accuracy is just pinpoint. Thank you so much. I find it very comforting being given the guidance to move forward and through. I cannot tell you how strongly your words resonate for me. I was just practicing breathing into my fears as I can feel the anxiety! It's really valuable to have such actionable guidance and you have so hit the nail on the head with your reading. It has quite blown me away!

And guess what- my hip pain is gone again (after energy healing session and had came back in the last pregnancy)! You are amazing!

It has been wonderful to work with you again, you are a true star." 

Tammy TidmarshDerbyshire, UK

For more testimonials, please visit the page on it here.

The Centre in Edinburgh is Ming Chen Clinics at 24 Bernard Street, Edinburgh EH6 6PP. You are welcome to pay for your session/s from this page or you can also pay via cash when we meet. For an In-person session, I normally do sessions Monday to Wednesday and on some Saturdays. I would need prior booking, so I can be fully ready for your session. I'm more flexible with days and times for distance sessions via skype or email readings. After the booking is made, I will get in touch with you to check times and days for the sessions best suited. Email reading is usually sent within 2-4 days of the payment made. 

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact me at /0044-7855614148 or through the contact page on this website. I look forward to being of service to you.

Best Wishes & Love,

Robin Bela

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