Find Your Confident Purpose

Discover your True Value And Who You are Meant To Be!




  • Is it hard to take the next step in your life because of unclarity? And you don't know who you are anymore; your true value and the ability to take the next leap is not there?
  • Do you hear yourself say often in mind,' I want to be somebody!' But you don't have the clarity how or the confidence and belief in self?
  • Are you in a place of fear, lack of energy or lack of direction? Without having clarity of your purpose and believing in it yourself, it is hard to voice out your truth confidently, and help others to find confidence in you as well.

Years ago, I was in the same place as you might be, of unclarity and confusion. I lacked in confidence of who I was, speaking my truth and as a result I was overweight by 20 kilos/3 stones, was in the wrong marriage coincidently and even wrong job! And then I discovered my true heart's desire and took the courage to follow my calling.

Now 11 years later, I live my purpose and show many on how to do the same. I, as many of you know now, am an Author, Speaker, Transformational Life Coach, Business Coach and an Energy Therapist. And yes, I have lost those extra pounds and am the confident younger new me, also out of the wrong marriage and doing what I love.

And now I would love to help you connect to your purpose and who you really are mean to be. If you are interested to working with me and gaining some clarity on what your next steps are, you are welcome to have a free consultation to see how this could help and benefit you. Please fill this form for that at .

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