Connecting To The Power Within to Create the Life You Want30- Day Online Course


Connecting To The Power Within to Create the Life You Want: E-Course

This E-course has been running successfully since 2 years now. I have created this 30 day online course so that I can reach you on a daily basis with step-by-step support towards your goals. You can do this course at your own pace. I am going to introduce you to the topic of 'Connecting to Your Power Within to Create the Life you Want' in everyday lessons that you will get through emails.  And I will take you through all steps you need to take  to reach your goal by giving you specific exercises to do daily. It's going to be fun, creative, also healing and most of all, very empowering. We will be incorporating new habits into your life with these steps so that you can sail through your next phase. 

What we will be doing here is:


  • You will need to choose one main goal you like to work on for the 30 days and keep your focus on it for the month as you do the ecourse. The program is designed in such a way that as you start following each lesson, you will receive immense healing & balance within, clarity, joy, empowerment and full support with step by step guidance to get you moving towards your goal.
  • A daily lesson will include a topic that you should use in your life to help you move forward towards your goal and you will be given some practical tasks to complete on a daily basis. Your lessons will also include audio meditations or videos from me.  The online course will have a daily lesson on week days for 30 days. It is a very practical program, in which, there will be plenty of case studies including of my own personal journey in healing and empowerment. You get your lesson every morning and you practice what's taught the whole day. If you work through each day step by step, you will find yourself moving towards a 'New Self', life and will bring to yourself amazing changes and new experience

What you will learn in this Ecourse 

Learn Spiritual Practices  as meditation, to remain centered as you move forward towards your goals

* Come Face to Face with Fears that are blocking you to connect to your most powerful self.

* Create the Right Relationship with Everything in Life,Getting Authentic!  The programme offers the participant to look at all areas of life from health to relationships at work and personal life to also examining their personal goals and what more do they wish to achieve at work and in other areas of life. 

* The programme aims towards total wellbeing of the participant. There are various practical tools offered to participants on how to reduce stress levels and anxiety that are crucial to better performance at work.

How to have a smooth transition as you make the changes in your life.

Setting boundaries so you have a healthy balance in giving and receiving.

To bring abundance & happiness into your life of all forms by being open & staying positive.

* It's safe to be powerful & claim your most powerful beautiful Self.

* Connect to your confidence, your inner wisdom, creativity, unconditional love for self & others , peace and more...!!

And also receive exclusive audio meditations in this program and a free gift, one free 1 hour teleseminar too from my other online program on connecting to the healer within series.

It's a 30 day process of clearing of your old thought patterns and creating your new shining 'self', which is true, most powerful and your authentic best! And each day I talk to you about a different topic to support you towards your goal. If you are ready for this journey with me, I welcome you to join this program and I will be just delighted to help and support you on this journey.

I also share with you my personal journey on how I learnt to be authentic in my career by choosing my true path, in my relationships, when I took courage in parting with my husband and in getting authentic with my body when I lost 20 kilos within a year. I would love to share how I made my transitions and brought about easy and quick changes so that your journey can become a bit easier.

I am very happy to see how many are benefitting from this e-course. And just to share stories from some recent participants in their own words.


"I am not afraid of change - I believe in dreams now! What an amazing course it has been. And you are an amazing person and teacher Robin! Since I have started this course, people have been telling me that I look younger. I made peace with my father by saying the affirmation and knowing that it wasn't my fault or his that he died, and this was the most powerful affirmation I have ever done and the first time I have ever had the strength to acknowledge that it wasn't my fault and I wasn't abandoned. My partner said that as he was looking at me last night, I literally have started to look younger. Also, since starting this course I have really wanted to do the creative things I did as a child and was good at. I have got a real desire to play the piano again, (I was very good at it), sing, paint with oils and dance! It's amazing. I am feeling younger and more vitalised and people are noticing! I have not done anything creative since my father died, which was in 1988! I feel more alive and it's fantastic...xx"

-Rosie Glass, Therapist, Bristol, UK

"Hi Robin. Thanks so much for this empowering course. It has been a real turning point for me. I have collated all your feedback given and am working on them. I really am feeling so focussed. Ideas are coming and coming! So many now that I have to sit and prioritise and see it as work now. Before I just thought I was playing around and nothing would come of it. Now, I really have faith in setting-up classes in spiritual development and so many different things to develop my work that my heart wants & help others. My friends are noticing the change. I feel full of excitement. Another great thing has been offererd to me - An exhibition space! So, I am now organising to have an Art Exhibition to show my paintings in a month, here in London. I haven't had one for 13 years, so I am really excited.I have so much to look forward to and am moving forward with confidence."

-Penelope Blissenden, Therapist, Coach, Teacher  & Artist, London  (


"Yesterday I came back from work all upset. My stomach was completely tied, it was like a ball of anger inside me. I came back home after work. Dad had cooked dinner but I told him I wasn't feeling well. I sat in my bedroom and for more than an hour I listened to Snatam Kaur mix of songs on YouTube you had suggested. I sat in the lotus position, closed my eyes and let it go. I breathed deeply. I sometimes sang with the music. Finally after an hour, the ball-like heaviness was gone, my back pain was less, my body was relaxed and I was feeling a bit hungry. I then realised what this program brought me. It brought me the knowledge of my inner strength. Thanks for all you brought me & taught me. Really Robin, this month was a gift, a beautiful gift. I can say that now, I say "I LOVE YOU" in the mirror and believe in it truly. I feel lighter in my body and happier with it. I am still working on being confident with food but I've lost this "guilty" feeling I had while eating. I feel stronger with all the new intentions I have been working with. I feel I have created a shelter inside me. I needed it so much, now I feel so safe. I am not scared anymore of my emotions because I know I can sit and hide to find peace and calm inside me. This is the most beautiful gift of this course for me. So THANKS Robin. I am now preparing my trip to India and Nepal and I won't miss to give you news and feedback of this adventure."

Lucile Christophe, Travel Agent, Paris


"I have really enjoyed working with you Robin and I am sure I will be doing more soul coaching and courses with you in the future. I feel you have brought about tremendous changes within me – not least my poor hip, which after the second healing session you did with me early this year has not bothered me since! I love the way you guide and teach and bring about profound changes within and also externally. I always look forward to your course lessons, and often I can feel the energy strongly in the words as I read."

- Tammy Tidmarsh, Derbyshire, UK (

"The 30-day programme demands a lot of introspection, self analysis but boy it cleared out a heap lot of rubbish that has been there for a long time. I felt much better afterwards. Robin some how gives you confidence in the knowledge that she imparts about the theoretical stuff. I am a very logical person. I need to know that what I am doing has some basis and facts. And Robin seems to have the ability to provide that theoretical frame work but at the same time allows us a lot of practice and shows a lot of practical work on top of that.

- Linda Grieg, Speech and Language Therapist in U.K and United Arab Emirates before retiring in 2008,Edinburgh, UK. (Words taken from a video testimonial on this page).

OPTION B : If you like more Support along with the E-course!



  • If you take the option of soul coaching along, I will be working personally alongside with the e-course with you too. You will receive soul coaching every week from me personally one to one and I will guide you step by step towards your goal. You will need to send a weekly email every weekend with your work that you will be asked to do in the Ecourse & I will respond individually on your progress & offer support in whatever is needed through soul work & coaching over email. My emails are usually very in-depth with my intuitive insights. I will be offering you powerful tailored statements for your needs, healing and empowerment to use regularly to bring the right focus, remove any blocks to your goals, to clear and allow the 'New Self', you wish to create, to emerge. There is a members area too where you can access your daily lessons. I cannot take too many people on this option so I am offering this as an exclusive support and is therefore at an extra cost.
  • When you join the course with soul coaching you can let me know of the one goal  you wish to work on for yourself this month with me to It could be to find a goal, to increase money flow, to overcome some fears or difficulties, to heal some issue etc. I like you to explain why you would like to work on this and what you wish to attain in that one month.
  • For who take soul-coaching and my one-to-one support, I will also keep you in my daily prayers & intentions and offer energetic support through energy work, which I usually do every morning.

For any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at or at 0044-7855614148.

Online Course: £100

Online Course + Weekly Coaching with Robin over emails for the entire month £250

If you are interested to work 1-1 for longer period and more in-depth, I would suggest the 6 Week programme.

You are able to book via this page using debit card/credit card or also through paypal. For other options of payment, please email at or contact 00447855614148. 

You can join this e-programme now from below.

All My Love,

Robin Bela

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