30-Day Angel Healing Online Course



After having taught Angel healing for some years, I got called upon by the Angels to bring out a special programme on them online, through which, people can spend about 10-20 minutes daily for 30 days and be led by Angels to live a life connected with them. With this day-to-day support, you can experience a truly supported life for your well-being in terms of good health, happiness and abundance. You can choose to open your email and receive the daily guidance and support from the Angels at your convenience.

The aim is to bring in the Angels to you in a practical manner with all different ways of working with them and help you receive everything you need from them within 30 days. Angels are offering their blessings with their protection and love to you for the month individually, and helping you move forward with ease and grace. 

Whether you are new to working with the Angels or are already working with them and wish to deepen your connection with some daily work with me, you will find this 30-day journey rewarding in every way. Angels are wanting me to bring this programme to help you receive confidence in connecting with them, receive some deep healing around the issues affecting you, and most of all, help you create a strong relationship with them through various tools and techniques that you will be introduced to, over the 30 days. 

Every day of the programme, you will receive an email with special channelled messages from the Angels, their teachings and audio meditations specially introduced in this programme.

The daily topics are as follows:

DAY 1: Ask the Angels


DAY 2: Listen to the Angels


DAY 3: Clearing the blocks with Archangel Michael


DAY 4: Continuing your dialogue through Guardian Angels


DAY 5: Instant positive and beautiful thoughts with Archangel Jophiel


DAY 6: How to trust your connection with the Angels


DAY 7: Shield & protect with the Angels 


DAY 8: Being open to miracles is a doorway to the Angel's support


DAY 9: Healing with Archangel Raphael


DAY 10: Healing grief with Archangel Azrael


DAY 11: Accepting and forgiving With Archangel Jeremial


DAY 12: Clearing toxic energies and cutting cords with Archangel Michael


DAY 13: Relaxing and letting go with Archangel Sandalphon


DAY 14: Relationship harmony with Archangel Raguel


DAY 15: Harmony with Earth and material needs through Archangel Ariel


DAY 16: Angels on health


DAY 17: Opening communication & creative center with Archangel Gabriel


DAY 18: Channeling messages from the Angels through writing


DAY 19: Bringing ideas through claircognizance with Archangel Uriel


DAY 20: Compassion & karmic patterns with Archangel Zadkiel


DAY 21: Open to receiving & managing change with Archangel Haniel


DAY 22: Manifesting with Archangel Nathaniel


DAY 23: Finding serenity & love with Archangel Chamuel


DAY 24: Angel Numbers!


DAY 25: Getting energised and organised with Archangel Metatron


DAY 26: Healing the past, spiritual understanding and clairvoyance with Archangel Raziel


DAY 27: Believe & trust through focus: Messages from the Angels


DAY 28: A Prayer to the Angels


DAY 29: Connecting to the Angels with a healing & empowering meditation


DAY 30: Opening the gates to receiving with the Angels

  •  Connect to the Angels to receive your answers directly from them.
  •  Receive deep healing through meditations from some special powerful healing Angels.
  •  Connect to some powerful Archangels and more...



I have had some questions since I announced about this course a few days ago, which I feel might be good to share in case some of you had similar questions in mind.

1. I have already done Angel healing course in-person with you, can I still join?

Yes, in fact, it will only bring Angels more into your lives and help you achieve a daily practice with them which sometimes is hard to follow when one is new at it. There are new meditations and channelled work with the Angels throughout the programme. It will be a whole new experience for you.

2. Do I get certified?

This course helps you connect with Angels and to learn to receive healing and guidance for self. It takes you through a tranquil inner space for 30 days with the Angels. It does not qualify you to do readings for others or healing sessions on others, therefore it's not something I can certify you with. 

3. Do I need to send anything back to you?

There is nothing you need send me back, just listen to audios sent and follow steps explained in every day lessons to work with the Angels on a daily basis. However you are always welcome to email me with your experiences or any questions anytime during the course! I would love to hear from you!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch at mail@robinbela.co.uk .

I am so excited to bring this programme from the Angels. I hope you are too! 

COST: £100 ( $150 approx.)

You can book and make payment from this page below. 
Love & Angel Blessings!

Robin Bela 


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